The Secret to Success - How a Woman in Pakistan Built a Successful Company of Over 50 Employees 8 months ago


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Today we’re talking with Shamim Rajan from GeneTech Solutions!

Shamim Rajan runs a blockchain technology company that provides web designs, development, mobile apps and more services to its members. I’m currently using GeneTech Solutions and am happy with my results, and happier to talk to Shamim about her journey to establishing a fifty employee tech company.

People tend to think that entrepreneurs get lucky, but what we actually do is position ourselves to get lucky. Successful entrepreneurs educate themselves and figure out how to create a successful business. When the opportunity comes up for success, they implement what they learned and create their own luck.

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Shamim took a $10,000 course in San Francisco, learning about the market and how to build a web development team working with blockchain. Her company is based around providing services, not products. Her success has come from seeing a market, training two developers in blockchain and then slowly and gradually adding on services and employees as necessary.

Her main lesson from growing a profitable business?

You have to delegate.

If you’re doing everything for your business, you are losing money. Your company can’t grow if you’re spending your time scrubbing toilets instead of strategizing an employee generation funnel. You have to delegate if you want your company to escalate on its own.

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